Gins many bottles of gin?!

Our "Wall of Gin" is worth a visit on its own! Each bottle has its own unique and captivating design and as  a collection they look simpy stunning....and thats before you've even tried them!

Our current collection consists of over 240 gins from over 46 different countries AND COUNTING!! With our ever-growing stock we are inches closer to achieving the largest collection of gins in Wales and we are very proud. 

Death's Door, Bulldog, Bathtub, Pinkster, Burleigh's and Bloom are just a few of the wonderfully-named gins that you will find and of course we also stock our famous Welsh gins; Brecon, Da Mhile and Eccentric! 

We even have a crack at our own gin-making!


We stock a range of Tonices and mixers from Fevertree with Elderflower and Mediterranean flavours they create the perfect gin experience!

can you taste them all? Start the Ginhaus challenge today!

Haven't found your favourite? let us know and we can order it in especially!

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